Regulations of the participation in the Experience Programme run by Modern Opera Art Studio in Warsaw.

§1. Modern Opera Art Studio

The Experience Training Programme is directed to persons who love classical singing and Opera Theatre. The objective of the Experience Programme is to allow people to climb to the heights of their vocal and acting skills. We provide our mentees : - regular classes and workshops that included classical singing, acting, work with conductors, the ear for music training, arrangement of Opera parts, the work on personality ( etiquette of art human);
- the programme tailored to individual needs;
- substantive care;
- the opportunity to participate in concerts and performances held by Modern Opera Art Studio.

§ 2. General provisions

1. The present regulations determine the rules of the participation in the Experience Programme in Modern Art Opera Studio run by Adam Tomaszewski firm, NIP 966 1844 633, REGON: 384056773.
2. Recruitment to Modern Opera Art Studio for singers for the Experience Programme is carried out every year.
3. There are separate regulations for principles of carrying out auditions.
4. A person classified in this mode becomes a participant of the Experience Programme.
5. Singers for the Experience Programme are qualified for the term since the first Monday of October to the second Friday of June.
6. Modern Opera Art Studio gives opportunity to extend participations for another year in the Experience Programme without any additional auditions. The commission set up by the owner decided upon the Candidate acceptance for the following year.
7. The cost of participation in classes, concerts and performances held by Modern Opera Art Studio in the framework of the Experience Programme is 799 zl per month during the whole course of education since October to June. Participants are required to pay fees to 10th of the every month in advance or as a one - time fee/ for the whole period of training.
8. Classes are held in place determined by Modern Opera Art Studio.

9. Concerts, performances and other cultural art event are held in places determined by Modern Opera Art Studio.

§3. Registration to Modern Opera Art Studio for the Novice Programme

1. Persons who are entitled to qualifying auditions :
- over 18 years old;
- persons who take into account their educational and professional obligations and declare their availability in classes and other art events determined by M. O. A. S.;
- in the case of student - they are obligated to present the application form together with the consent of their singing teacher to participate the Experience Programme;
- persons who accept the fact of qualification to the Experience Programme can be connected with the taking part of Modern Opera Art Studio productions and other different promoting activities.
2. More detailed information for an artistic season auditions are published within a period of not less than four weeks before the date of auditions, every time on website Modern Opera Art Studio - in the rules of procedure where each time the regulations of auditions are available.

§4. Teaching methods

1. Workshops and classes in the Experience Programme are held on the base of the copyright assumptions educators and according to chosen by them teaching methods.
2. Workshops and classes can be held in Polish or other chosen language, that should be agreed with the classes teacher.
3. Modern Opera Art Studio has right to choose teachers and make changes during the artistic season.

§5. Benefits

1. Within the framework of the Experience Programme a participant can be involved in the workshops and individual classes run by educational staff including:
- Opera singers;
- artists of Opera scenes;
- pianists;
- actors;
- vocalists;
- film directors;

- linguists;
- coaches
a) mentoring and individual contact with teachers - specialists of Opera who cooperate with M. O. A. S. are provided;
b) individual vocal, acting and personal development consultations are provided;
c) using of didactical rooms and necessary equipment depends on current M. O. A. S. activity;
d) free access to music instruments and theatrical property is provided;
e) the participant promotion as an artists and Opera creator;
f) professional development and establishing cultural relations.
2. In the case of concerts and performances held by M. O. A. S. outside Warsaw the owner is obligate to provide commute and the stay for participants.

§6. Participant obligations.

1. Participant is obligated to:
- before the beginning of the artistic season declare his/her involvement during the artistic season in the time dimension required by M. O. A. S.;
- adherence to schedule
- active involvement in workshops and classes;
- notice of impossibility of participation in classes. M. O. A. S. reserve the right to be informed about the situation. The absence must be justified by the medical certificate of the existence of contraindications;
- notify the owner of M. O. A. S. about the plans of his/her participation in Opera productions, performances, concerts, contests and music workshops (out of M. O. A. S.);
- participate complimentary in concerts productions and other events held by M. O. A. S.;
- take care of the good name of M. O. A. S.;
- respect the regulations and rules in the facilities where workshops, meetings, concerts and performances take place;
- respect the rules of accommodation during the events outside Warsaw;
- comply with the safety rules in force at the headquarters and fulfil the recommendation of the building protection service;
- post information about participation in the Experience Programme in biographical notes in the course of participation and for the next five years after termination of participation;

- conclude a contract with the M. O. A. S. owner to participate the Experience Programme.

§7. Termination of participation in the Experience Programme run by M. O. A. S.

1. The participation in the Experience Programme ends at the end of the artistic season, for which the participant was eligible. The participant is issued a certificate (and suplement ) the completion of the programme, as well as recommendation. In the case of participants whose participation lasted more than one season, the certificate is issued after the expiry of a period of participation in the Experience Programme.
2. Deletion from the list of participants can be made in the following cases:
- opt -out of participation in the Experience Programme in the one month notice period of the
- lack of presence in the event organised by M. O. A. S. to which participant was designated by the owner;
- lack of progress in learning;
- skipping classes, workshops;
- breaches of these terms.
3. In case of cancellation of participation in the Experience Programme the participant shall submit a written statement of cancellation to the owner of the M. O. A. S. The owner shall take the decision to delist from the list of participants.

§8. Personal data.

1. The administrator of personal data of the participant is: Modern Opera Art Studio Adam Tomaszewski, NIP: 966 1844 633, REGON: 384056773.
2. Participants' personal data are processed in connection with the participation in the programme.
3. Submitting participants' personal data is a requirement to participate in the programme. Declaration of consent of the processing of personal data is posted on the statement annexed to this regulation.
4. In connection with the programme the participant agrees to the processing of personal data within the scope of first name, surname, voice, citizenship, check-in, address of residence, e- mail address and phone number.
5. Each qualification participant has the right of access to their personal data: their updating, correction, data portability, opposition to data processing, and removing them if there are legal grounds for doing so. Access to thg data is possible:
- directly at the owner of M. O. A. S.;

- correspondence courses on the legal address of M. O. A. S.
6. The personal data will be kept for the entire duration of the programme.
7. M. O. A. S. informs about the right to complaint to the supervisory authority, which is the President of the Office for the protection of personal data, Stawki Street 2, 00-193 Warsaw

§9. Consent to use of the image and voice

1. M. O. A. S. has the right to preserve the course of the auditions, workshops, lessons, individual meetings, performances, concerts, in which the participant takes part as an artists exhibited by M. O. A. S. In a separate statement (annex 2) the participant agrees to this.
2. Publishing by the participant materials referred to in point 1 requires the prior consent of the M. O. A. S. owner. Each participants is obligated to include in the published material that the material comes from the archives of M. O. A. S.

§10. The provisions of other.

1. In individual cases of the participants taking part in the Experience Programme the decision is made by the M. O. A. S. owner.
2. M. O. A. S. is not responsible for things left on the premise, in which classes or performances are held. The participants are not insured.
3. For any damage or harm caused in relation to participation in the Experience Programme participants are responsible.

§11. Final provisions.

1. These regulations are created in Polish and English language.
2. Any changes to these regulations will be announced through the publication on the website
3. Regulations are effective from July 18th 2019.
Attachments: Annex nr 1 Statement of consent to the processing of personal data.